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Subir Chowdhury Fellowship on Quality of Life in Bangladesh

  • 2023: Tarannum Sahar (Environmental Public Policy/Clean Energy and Climate Solutions): Potential of Hybrid Distributed Renewables in Advancing the Climate Resilience of at-risk Island Communities
  • 2022: Not awarded
  • 2021: Nazmul Ahasan (Journalism): Investigative journalism and interactive news presentation Quote
  • 2020: Anushah Hossain (Energy & Resource Group): Bangla Computing Quote
  • 2019: Shikha Bhattacharjee (Jurisprudence): gGovernance of Migration Corridors Quote)
  • 2018: Helen Pitchik (Epidemiology/Public Health): Child Development Quote
  • 2017: Samira Siddique (Energy & Resource Group): Climate Change Quote
  • 2016: Sayah Bogor (Infectious Diseases): Outcomes of UTI and antibiotics in women.
  • 2015: Yoshika Crider (Energy & Resource Group): Safe water and safe water technolgies.
  • 2014: Caitlin Elizabeth Cook (Public Health): Antibiotic resistance  in Bangladesh

Malini Chowdhury Fellowship on Bangladesh Studies 

  • 2023: Thomas Kingston (South and Southeast Asian Studies): Ebb and Flow along an Unnatural Border: The Environmental, Social & Political Histories of the Naf River’
  • 2022: Kirtana Dasa (Kirt) Mausert (Anthropology): Citizenship and Belonging in Bamar Buddhist-dominated Burma/Myanmar. Quote
  • 2021: Ariana Pemberton (History of Art): History of the art and architecture of Bangladesh under Habshi (Abyssinian) rule. Quote
  • 2020: Tausif Noor (History of Art): Art and political liberation. Quote
  • 2019: Patrick DeSutter (Anthropology): Engineering the Border: Fellowship Summary  Quote
  • 2018: Elizabeth Herman (Political Science): Narratives of the 1971 Liberation War Quote
  • 2017: Kashfia Nehrin (Development): Sustainable Development Quote
  • 2016: Laura Boudreau (Business & Public Policy): Bangladesh’s RMG sector.
  • 2015: Sheikh Waheed Baksh (Development): Sustainable Development.
  • 2014: Nafisa Akbar (Political Science): Political parties and violence as a campaign strategy.

Subir Chowdhury Undergraduate Scholarship

  • 2022:
    • Parneet K. Behniwal (Psychology; South & Southeast Asian Studies)
    • Jade T. Lumada (History; South & Southeast Asian Studies)
  • 2021:
    • Thomas Kilbane (BA: South & Southeast Asian Studies)
    • Lillian Maheu (BA: South & Southeast Asian Studies)
  • 2020: 
    • Mahrosh Gealani (BA: South Asian Studies)
    • Lillian Maheau (BA: South & Southeast Asian Studies)
  • 2019: 
    • Melissa Ancheta (BA: Psychology, South & Southeast Asian Studies)
    • Nawal Seedat (BA: Political Science, South & Southeast Asian Studies)
    • Chyrylle Digsay (BA: Legal Studies, English, South & Southeast Asian Studies) 
  • 2018: Nadia Budiman (South and Southeast Asian Studies)
  • 2017:Joshua Dultz (South and Southeast Asian Studies & Buddhist Studies)
  • 2016: Abhishek Dalal (Public Health, South Asian Studies)
  • 2015: Abhishek Dalal (Public Health, South Asian Studies)

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