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Fellowship Awardees

Subir Chowdhury Fellowship on Quality of Life in Bangladesh 

2019 - Shikha BhattacharjeePh.D. Candidate,Jurisprudence and Social Policy
Project: Construction and gGovernance of Migration Corridors: Within Bangladesh; from Bangladesh to Jordan and Lebanon; and from Ethiopia to Lebanon and Jordan.


2018 - Helen Pitchik, Ph.D. Candidate, Epidemiology, UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Project: Pathways to Improved Child Development in Rural Bangladesh


2017 - Samira Siddique, MS Candidate, Energy & Resource Group
Project: Studying the social and economic effects of climate change, with a focus on current infrastructure and environmental health vulnerabilities


2016 - Sayah Bogor, MPH Candidate, Infectious Diseases
Project: Clinical outcomes of urinary tract infection (UTI) in women who are treated with antibiotics at the ICDDR,B hospital clinic.


2015 - Yoshika Crider, Ph.D Candidate, Energy & Resource Group
Project: Safe water and safe water technolgies, and the potential for adopting these technologies, in rural and low income Bangladesh.


2014 - Caitlin Elizabeth Cook, MPH Candidate, School of Public Health
Project: State of antibiotic resistance in pandemic, multidrug resistant pathogenic bacteria in Bangladesh, with a particular focus on UTI.

Malini Chowdhury Fellowship on Bangladesh Studies

2019 - Patrick DeSutter, Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology
Project: Engineering the Border: Islands of Containment and Mobility in Bangladesh


2018 - Elizabeth Herman, Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science
Project: Historical Narratives of the 1971 Liberation War


2017 - Kashfia Nehrin, Master of Development Practice (MDP) Candidate
Project: Research-oriented social enterprises to bring sustainable development to Bangladesh


2016 - Laura Boudreau, Ph.D Candidate, Business & Public Policy
Project: Identifying how interventions in Bangladesh’s RMG sector can improve garment workers’ welfare and the welfare of their families.


2015 - Sheikh Waheed Baksh, Master of Development Practice (MDP) Candidate
Project: Sustainable development that will address challenges such as human rights and extreme poverty faced by Bangladesh today.


2014 - Nafisa Akbar, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Political Science
Project: A study of why political parties use violence as a campaign strategy in Bangladesh when the prevailing theory stipulates that parties use positive incentives to motivate voters.

Subir Chowdhury Undergraduate Scholarship

2018 - Nadia Budiman, BA, Major: South and Southeast Asian Studies (Class of 2019)
Interested in writing and education related initiatives in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.  


2017 - Joshua Dultz, BA, Major: South and Southeast Asian Studies, Minor: Buddhist Studies (Class of 2018)
Interested in learning the Thai language and early Theravada Buddhist thought and history. 


2015 & 2016 - Abhishek Dalal, BA, Public Health, South Asian Studies (Class of 2018)
Interested in medicine, health behavior, and health care administration. Involved with two health-oriented non-profit student organizations, Project RISHI and MedLife. Member of the Student Society for Stem Cell Research.


From left: ISAS Executive Director, Sanchita Saxena, Subir Chowdhury, Caitlin Elizabeth Cook, Nafisa Akbar, ISAS Chair Lawrence Cohen
From left: Chowdhury Center Director Sanchita Saxena, Subir Chowdhury,
Caitlin Elizabeth Cook, Nafisa Akbar, Institute Chair Lawrence Cohen

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