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Lecturer, Bangla, South and Southeast Asian Studies

Amitabha Basu is the Bangla Language Lecturer at UC Berkeley. Prof. Basu has been engaged in teaching Bangla for more than two decades in the US. His teaching engagements started with the “Berkeley Bangla School” established by the Bengali community here in the Bay Area. The students were primarily second generation Bengalis along with other interested children as well as young adults. Classes were held on the UC campus for some years, before moving to other facilities. Levels of education spanned beginner as well as intermediate levels. Besides language studies, students were also trained for performing cultural programs (songs and plays) as part of their education. He has also taught Bangla Bengali at Stanford University and as a private tutor to several adult students for about four years, both in small-groups and on a one-on-one basis.

Prof. Basu is the author of, “Lyrics to Love” (1999), a compilation of translations of Tagore songs and poems. He has also published numerous Bengali stories, poems, essays and other articles in both Bangla and English, contributing to several literary magazines, both in U.S.A. and India. Prior to coming to UC Berkeley, he was the editor of the Bengali magazine “Shankha,” which was published by the Bengali community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Examples of some of his published articles are:

  1. Bharatbarsho - May, 2007
  2. Ki Jani Ki Maha-Laganey - Adyapith Magazine, April 2004.
  3. Eparey Mukhor - Utsab Magazine, March 2002.
  4. America-ey Aamar Prothom Din - Utsab Magazine, November 2000
  5. Sarhe Teen Haat Jomi - (A short story of Tolstoy translated in Bangla) - Utsab Magazine, February 2000.

Prof. Basu is also an accomplished musician and regularly participates in cultural programs in the Bay Area, performing Bangla songs and recitations.

Area of interest:

Bangla language, literature, and creative writing


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