Outstanding Paper Prize


The Subir and Malini Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies welcomes submissions for the Outstanding Paper Prize in Bangladesh Studies. Submissions are welcome from any discipline, though preference will be given to papers in a social science field. Comparative papers are also welcome.

The appication process will open in Spring 2024 with a deadline of April 1, 2024Join our maiing list to receive notification of when the application opens.

Winner will be contacted and prize will be announced by April 25, 2024.

Description of the Award

The amount of the paper prize award will be $500.


  1. Full time UC Berkeley undergraduate students. (Applicant must be registered as a full time student during the 2023-2024 academic year.)
  2. Papers must be linked to a course for the AY 2023-2024 or linked to a departmental thesis program.
  3. Papers must have at least 50% Bangladesh content.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Faculty may nominate students, or students may enter their own papers.
  2. For each entry submit:
    • Papers must be no longer than thirty and no less than fifteen typewritten (double-spaced) pages of text, exclusive of the title page, endnotes, and bibliography. 
    • All pages must be numbered.
    • The author's identity is to appear nowhere on the paper.
    • A separate page should accompany the paper, identifying the title of the paper, the author, e-mail address, affiliated department, and program year.
    • A 250-word abstract must accompany each submission. Abstract of winning paper will be published in all announcements of competition results.

How to Submit:

  • Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Please email all documents to chowdhury-center@berkeley.edu with subject heading: "Submission for Outstanding Bangladesh Paper Prize"
  • All documents should be in PDF format.
  • Please email copies of:  1) the paper, 2) the page with identifying information, and 3) the abstract attached as PDF fles. 

Please send entries NO LATER THAN 5pm on, April 1, 2024

For questions please email chowdhury-center@berkeley.edu